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English Cream Golden Retriever

English Cream Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale!

What sets us apart from other breeders?

We strive to be ethical breeders, and we focus on breeding for health and temperament. We screen all our dogs for the required breed standard for AKC and OFA.  We also do breed-standard DNA testing, and we are happy to say that all our dogs are “all clear” on the suggested panel for Golden Retrievers.

It is our desire that some of our dogs may go off to be service dogs or therapy dogs. We currently have one therapy dog that works in our office in Asheville, North Carolina. You can see her on our website., under the "meet our team" tab. 


They are an integral part of our family and are cherished family members. We are kennel-free breeders, which means we share our home with the dogs. Our dogs get to live and sleep inside, as well as have access to dog doors that lead to a large fenced area so they can run and play in our beautiful backwoods during the day. They are involved in our daily activities, and they love going on adventures with us. Whether it be going on hikes, taking them to parks, or visiting the river for some swimming, we believe it's important for our Golden Retrievers to be well-socialized and to be able to explore and experience the world around them in a safe environment.

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